Fallow Deer at Sisco D Ranch

Fallow Deer at Sisco D Ranch

Sisco D  Ranch offers a wide selection of more than 1,500 Fallow Deer of various ages, sizes and pedigrees. Whether you’re looking for a few young bucks to help improve the genetics of your ranch or you’d like some pedigree exposed to some of our Texas sized breeder bucks, you’ll love what you find at Sisco D Ranch. Our deer are protein-fed and grass-grazed year round, and they live a relaxed lifestyle under the shade of Sisco D Oaks.

We sell our Fallow Deer from our property, direct to ranch owners, HOAs, Zoos and breeders. When you decide to purchase your Sisco D Fallow, we welcome the public to our facility anytime! We can also make recommendations based on your goals and coordinate delivery to transport the animals anywhere in Texas or the surrounding states. We promise you’ll love owning the cream of the crop.

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